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    New Episode of The .NET Show: Longhorn Fundamentals

    Just a little bit late, but we've just posted a new episode of “The .NET Show”. In this episode, we close out the coverage of the “Pillars Of Longhorn” by covering the “Fundamentals”. As a...
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    Finished Filming: Longhorn Fundamentals

    Last Friday we filmed our next episode of The .NET Show, this one was on the slightly more elusive topic of “Longhorn Fundamentals”. In the first half of the show we talk with Glenn Pittaway and Sanjay Shenoy about how various things like...
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    New Episode: Longhorn Avalon

    Ok, so we are perhaps a little bit late with this episode, but at least we finally got it posted... In this episode I talk with David Ornstein, Pablo Fernicola, Rob Relyea, and Nathan Dunlap about “Avalon...
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    Finished Filming: Longhorn Avalon

    Yesterday we filmed our next episode of “The .NET Show”, this episode focused on Longhorn's graphical support layer, known as Avalon. My guests for the Architectural segment were Pablo Fernicola and David Ornstein, and we tried to cover as...
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    Preparing for "Longhorn"

    In the previous post, a reader commented that they didn't see the point in “...wasting cycles on vapor that is at least 3 years out...”. At first, I was going to reply as just another comment, but I figured that my reply would probably be best elevated...
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    The .NET Show: Longhorn and WinFS

    We just posted a new episode of The .NET Show, this one covers WinFS, which is the new File System that is being developed for Longhorn. A lot of us are pretty excited about some of the capabilities that will be available once WinFS is out. If you thought...
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    Filming our recent episode

    Friday afternoon we filmed the next episode of The .NET Show. This one is on WinFS, and I think we covered a lot of great information. In our first segement we had Quentin Clark and Anil Nori who provided us with a spirited and informative discussion...
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    New Episode of The .NET Show : Longhorn Indigo

    We've just posted a new episode of “The .NET Show”. This episode focuses on “Indigo” which is a major aspect of the “Communication” pillar of Longhorn. You can view it here:
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    Filming the next episode

    We will be posting the “Indigo” episode shortly, we are just adding the final touches to the transcript and file organization. On Friday, March 5th, we will be filming the “WinFS” episode. In this episode we will be talking...
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    Joining The Expectant Crowd...

    Ok, so it was about time. We've decided to jump onto the technology band-wagon and use this new-fangled “blog” thing to keep in touch with our audience. I sincerely doubt that you will see daily (much less hourly!) posts from us here, but...
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