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Justin Ng is an overly opinionated software design engineer on the Zune Services team. Besides having an ego large enough to write about himself in the third person, Justin in his spare time plays the guitar. Badly.

  • Ramblings From The Social

    On Delight

    Wonderful consumer applications often will present the user features that create delight. Delight is one of the most important concepts to understand, and one of the least understood by engineers, especially in the software profession. Software engineers...
  • Ramblings From The Social

    Wow. Petzold really doesn't get it.

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for Charles Petzold. When I originally was utterly confused with how to make the leap from DOS-based C programming to the world of __stdcall, lpszElement and HRESULT, Petzold came to the rescue and stuck to the core...
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