First, welcome to my new blog.  For those of you who used to read my SQLJunkies blog, the focus of this blog is my new job at Microsoft running product management for the SharePoint Portal Server team.  Coming over to SharePoint is a little bit like coming home for me.  You'll see why after I give you my background:

I've been at Microsoft for a little over 11 years.  I started out working as a systems engineer in Microsoft's Federal district.  Those days it was Windows NT 3.1, SQL Server 4.21a, MSMail 3.1 and 3.5 (where we added the multithreaded MTA. . . big step for us. . multithreading!), SMS 1.0 and Office 4.x.  There was no such thing as SharePoint, Exchange, ISA, etc.  Fun times competing against Novell and Oracle.  Wordperfect still was a viable competitior back then as well!

After working in Federal, I jumped over to our corporate offices to work in the Exchange Server group.  I joined right as we shipped Exchange 4.0.  For those of you who don't remember, Exchange took a while to develop but it was definitely worth the wait.  After spending about 5 years in Exchange and having shipped 4 versions of it, I moved over to Biztalk and then eventually SQL Server for 4 years.

How does this relate to SharePoint?  Well, the Knowledge Management group at Microsoft used to be under one person so Exchange, SharePoint, etc, etc all were in the same place.  My last 2 years in Exchange, I probably split my time 50/50 between working on Exchange and working on SharePoint 2001.

Of course, the technology in SharePoint is a lot better than what we had in the 2001 version but the vision has never waivered.  If you need collaboration from individual to teams to departments to the enterprise, SharePoint is your product.  I'm super excited about my new role and will be posting up new things as I go through and learn about what's coming in the latest version of SharePoint.

Looking forward to the journey.  Send me any feedback you have on SharePoint :)