May, 2006

  • Tom Rizzo's SharePoint Blog

    BDC Baby!

    I've been working with the BDC recently. I have to point out on the coolest things I love about BDC is not the search piece but integrating BDC into your SharePoint lists. In case you didn't know, you can actually select Business Data as a column type...
  • Tom Rizzo's SharePoint Blog

    Enterprise Search in the news!

    • 0 Comments I have to admit, I was dying to show off all our Enterprise Search technology during Bill's keynote but had to hold off since we were announcing a bunch of new things...
  • Tom Rizzo's SharePoint Blog

    Just finished my demo for Mr. Gates

    Just finished my demo for Billg at the SharePoint conference - Bill talked about the five things he loves about Office SharePoint Server 2007. For those of you not at the conference, here's the quick...
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