I have to admit, I was dying to show off all our Enterprise Search technology during Bill's keynote but had to hold off since we were announcing a bunch of new things at the CEO Summit.

Let me break down the SharePoint news for you as part of this:

1) We announced Knowledge Network for MOSS 2007.  KN allows you to search for people and expertise both inside your company as well as connectors to outside contacts at other companies.  You can see more info on KN at

2) We announced a new SKU for MOSS 2007 called MOSS 2007 for Search.  It's a search only SKU so it doesn't have all the portal, BI, workflow, collab, etc functionality of MOSS.  However, if you just want a search solution from Microsoft, you can now get one with this new product.

Good, bad, indifferent?  Let me know.  We struggled with the search SKU for a while whether we should do it or not.  I think we made the right decision but we'll see what you all think in terms of buying it :)

Tomorrow is Ask the Experts at the SharePoint Conference so I hope to see you all there!