Yes, you probably have heard that we've release Beta 2 TR. In fact, my team is working hard to get information out on how to best upgrade to the tech refresh build.

There are lots of enhancements in B2TR. Since I've been working recently working with the workflow designer in SharePoint Designer, I just wanted to highlight it here.

All I have to say on the workflow designer is wow. The SharePoint Designer team did a great job in adding a number of new features in B2TR. If you haven't tried SPD, I recommend you take a look. There a number of new conditions and actions that will allow you to build richer workflows with less work.

Of course, you may still opt to go the Visual Studio route but I found that I could design a lot more workflows in the new SPD than I could in the previous version. With some creative design, I think if someone threw out some processes they wanted to automate, I could design it in SPD. With the custom activity support SPD has – you can plug in VS designed custom activities - there's an even greater set of capabilities that you can do with SPD and SharePoint.

Give it a try!