[Edited since I realized that one of my comments came out the wrong way :)] 

Yes, it's true, the 2007 Office system is golden! Now, you may be wondering how you get it. Well, it's going to take a little bit but you should see the bits appearing on the web in a few weeks. Make sure to keep checking back to Office Online (http://www.microsoft.com/office) Both WSS v3 and MOSS 2007 are major changes for the SharePoint set of products and technologies. Now, the real work begins with more and more customers deploying the product and partners building on top of it.

Since I've been working with customers during the beta process, I've seen some exciting things that MOSS enables with its new capabilities. You'll also learn about one of the customers I've been working with at the launch on November 30th. I won't give away who it is but it's definitely a hip company to work with. I wish they would just include me in some of the things they produce as a company J They do innovative things with our technology but I'd love to be part of the cast they have for certain things.  That's all I can say without giving away the company but make sure to listen in on Nov 30th and find out who it is. 

So, keep looking for the bits, get involved in the newsgroups, blogs and community. For those of you down at SharePoint or Office Connections in Las Vegas, I'll be seeing you soon. Stop by, say hi and the lattes are on me.