Just in case you didn't know, we released the RTM bits both to the SharePoint server site (http://office.microsoft.com/search/redir.aspx?AssetID=XT102104951033&Origin=HH102081821033&CTT=5) and also to the Microsoft Volume Licensing site. So, that may lead to some questions. Let me try to answer some of them:


  1. It looks like only the x86 bits are available for evaluation, what about x64?
  2. We're working hard on getting the x64 bits up there. I don't have a good ETA but hopefully it will be soon. The 2007 Office system is a lot of products and bits so it's taking a bit processing all the new software onto the myriad of download sites.

Q) What about MSDN? I don't see the bits there.
A) We're working hard to get the bits on MSDN. You can download the eval bits and then later on enter in your MSDN key if you can't wait to get started. ETA is hopefully within a week to get it on MSDN.

Q) What about non-English versions?
A) if you access the MVLS download site (our volume licensing site), you will see the language packs for WSS and MOSS. On MS.COM, we're still figuring out timing and what to release for the different languages. Right now, MS.COM only has the English language and x86 evaluation version.

Q) What about SharePoint Designer?
A) SharePoint Designer just hit MSDN in the last 24 hours so go download it immediately J

Q) What about Office Forms Server and MOSS for Search?
A) Still TBD. You can evaluate the functionality in both products by getting the MOSS bits since both are subsets of the full MOSS product.

Q) Should I enter in the Enterprise or Standard PID key?
A) It depends. If you want to evaluate the full capabilities, enter in the Enterprise key. A big WARNING though is that you cannot downgrade from Enterprise to Standard so this is a one-way conversion. You can however go from Eval keys to production keys and also upgrade using a key from Standard to Enterprise. Yes, I know, the licensing is CAL based and there is no two server licenses that you can buy (Standard vs. Enterprise). The main reason we did this was so that you could understand that you need to buy the right CALs depending on the functionality you're going to use on the server. Plus, all servers in a farm must be the same type – eg, all Standard or all Enterprise.


I'll be checking the comments so if you have any other questions or comments, let me know. Good luck in evaluating MOSS and happy holidays!