It's been a while since I posted but with the craziness of the SharePoint Conference and just the tremendous growth of the business, there has been a lot going on. For those of you at the conference, thank you for attending! It was amazing to see all the folks jammed into the convention center excited and ready to learn about SharePoint. I always love the customer and partner presentations where you hear other folks talking about what they are using the software for or the new solutions that they're building on it.

One thing lots of folks asked about that were at the conference was whether pulling the blade live out of the server worked. I think the camera crew kept the screens on me rather than actually showing the performance monitoring application we built (it was a custom WPF app that talked to perfmon and the SharePoint web services if you're wondering). If they would have shown the application, you would have seen SQL Server 1 go down and SQL Server 2 pick up the load a few seconds later. And yes, we put the blade back in and failed back afterwards and everything worked fine.

SQL Server Database Mirroring (and I didn't get to show it but also the Transparent Data Encryption in SQL Server 2008) is an area we're working closely with the SQL Server team on making sure that we continue to have rich support for multiple scenarios. In fact, all the SQL HA technologies are supported such as clustering, log shipping and mirroring.

We're all exhausted from SPC 2008 but we're already starting work on the next one. If you have accolades, comments or suggestions on SPC 200X, drop me a line!