Just in case you missed it, we announced a little while back the new SharePoint Deployment Planning Services offering. For the FAQ on SDPS, check out http://www.microsoft.com/sharepoint/prodinfo/features/sdps_faq.mspx

Since one of the hardest things for folks is understanding their Software Assurance Benefits (and you get a lot of them!) and how to enable them, we put together in the FAQ a nice step-by-step on understanding how to activate them. Lots of times, it's your purchasing agents who get the info on the benefits so you may need to go talk with them about what benefits you have and how you can use them.

We worked hard on putting together the materials, certifying partners and making sure the experience for SDPS was great. Now it is your job as a customer to use the benefit and as a partner to get certified and start working with customers. Plus, you can use the benefit for either Office client or SharePoint so if you wanted to figure out your Office 2007 deployment at the same time you're figuring out your SharePoint deployment, go for it!

As always, we'd love feedback on the program, product or anything else you want to give us feedback on from a SharePoint standpoint.