[UDPATE] The download is now live. 

[UPDATE] Please send feedback & feature requests to msacetm@microsoft.com.


 Threat Analysis and Modeling Tool v2.1 is now available here. This release comes with some new features and lot of updates to existing features. This version paves the path to the next iteration of the tool (TAM Enterprise version). I will highlight some of the details in future blog posts.

The following are some of the improvements and features.

- Better Data validation (Tool identifies duplicate items, call and use case validation)
- Improved Copy Paste and Drag and Drop functionality
- Improved Analytic and Report Saving
- Improved Flow Diagrams
- Improved Visual Studio Team Systems Work Items export
- Improved Wizard Experience
- Threat Tree Visio export fixed
- Items found using the “Find Items” dialog can be cleared now
- Context aware Context Menu
- Improved Risk Measurement Plug-in Framework for Security
- Other bug fixes

New Features
- Auto Save Feature: saves the threat model automatically after specified number of minutes
- List Editor UI (no need to manually edit XML anymore for lists)

Stay tuned for more updates on the next version of the tool.

Anil Revuru (RV)