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June, 2013

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This blog is co-authored by Anders Thun(@AndersThun) & Peter Bryntesson(@PetBry57), Technology Evangelists at Microsoft AB, Sweden. Between us we have 40+ years experience of writing C++ code in diverse industry areas such as the financial industry etc. We are delighted to see the renaissance C++ and plan to cover all things WinRT from a C++ developer's perspective. Who is Dr IInspectable and who is Mr Native remains to be seen.

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    BUILD 2013-Keynote Day 1

    So, the keynote for day 1 of BUILD 2013 is complete. A lot of new stuff shown, confirmations on functionality in Windows 8.1 and a few surprises. This won’t be an exhaustive review of the keynote, but a personal highlight of some of some of the stuff...
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