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  • Blog Post: VS 2012: WinRT and language projection

    Back in the good old days when I started developing for Windows the following was true: I was a LOT younger. The year was 1987. The Windows version was 1.01. The language was C. The state of the art debugging was connecting another machine via RS-232 (remote debugging!). The only integrated development...
  • Blog Post: VS 2012: Search Everywhere

    Search has been greatly improved and extended in Visual Studio 2012. First, Quick Find and the assorted dialogs have a new minimized look. As you see, the Quick Find window takes up minimal screen estate. Also, it searches incrementally and highlights all occurrences in the text as you type. Similarly...
  • Blog Post: VS2012: Code clone detection

    We’ve all been there. We are working in a semi-large or large project and need to implement a certain functionality. We are (as usual) in quite a hurry but we know that this has been solved somewhere else in the code. We locate that fragment, copy it and change names etc. and we are done. Two weeks later...
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