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  • Blog Post: What happens when you await? – The problem (part I)

    This mini-series of three blog entries dives into what actually happens when you use the await keyword in C#. We will evolve a small code-base from a synchronous to a scaled-out asynchronous implementation, and get into the details as we go along. This is the first post and it presents the code base...
  • Blog Post: BUILD 2013-Keynote Day 1

    So, the keynote for day 1 of BUILD 2013 is complete. A lot of new stuff shown, confirmations on functionality in Windows 8.1 and a few surprises. This won’t be an exhaustive review of the keynote, but a personal highlight of some of some of the stuff I thought was interesting.   But first, the fundamentals...
  • Blog Post: VS 2012: WinRT and language projection

    Back in the good old days when I started developing for Windows the following was true: I was a LOT younger. The year was 1987. The Windows version was 1.01. The language was C. The state of the art debugging was connecting another machine via RS-232 (remote debugging!). The only integrated development...
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