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June, 2010

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    InstallShield in the wrong language

    (An off-topic post) I've been putting up with various programs installing themselves in Japanese, Korean, etc when I really just want English for a few years now. In fact it really seems like it happens every time I install a program which has an InstallShield...
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    (WF4) Workflow 4.0 Hosting Extensions

    [Update: Dear Readers, To those of you who found this post interesting, but still a little too vague on how exactly you can use extensions for workflow-host communications, how this ties in with bookmarking, or what might be involved in implementing your...
  • The Activity Designer

    Literal<T> and Reference Types

    [Edit – I had to cut the pictures, they got broken by software update issues.] With two forum posts in two days vaguely related to Literal<T>, suddenly the Literal<T> problem seems interesting again. Shortly prior to the release of Visual...
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