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  • Blog Post: (WF4) They have AsyncCodeActivity, why not AsyncNativeActivity?

    AsyncCodeActivity is a nice class for wrapping calls to asynchronous APIs and turning them into activities that can run super-efficiently. But! There are a few limitations to being a subclass of AsyncCodeActivity when compared to NativeActivity. Such as? Here’s a rough list: you can’t...
  • Blog Post: Basic Activity Scheduling in Workflow 4.0

    …NativeActivity . Provides all of the features of CodeActivity, plus aborting activity execution, canceling child activity execution, using bookmarks , and scheduling activities… As of .Net Fx 4.0 Beta 2, the Activity class hierarchy looks a bit like this: Actually this is only a tiny chunk of...
  • Blog Post: Fun with Bookmarks: Implementing Continue and Break

    A few people have noticed in the Workflow Foundation Beta 2 forums that the looping constructs provided in System.Activities.Statements such as While activity, ForEach activity, and ParallelForEach lack certain features found in their C# counterparts - there is no break or continue statement. This seemed...
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