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  • Blog Post: Public and Private in Depth (“Custom ‘Activity Sequences’ with Private Implementation” Interlude)

    [In this interlude, we’re spiritually continuing the Custom ‘Activity Sequences’ With Private Implementation series, but without referring to any code from the original problem. Read Part 1 for the introduction. Or guess from this summary – we’re looking at how we can build custom activities compositionally...
  • Blog Post: Misadventures in CacheMetadata – wrapping an inner activity, in code

    Let’s dig deeper into CacheMetadata (intro post) . We’ll do it with a toy problem – I want to wrap the Delay activity and customize it so that I can override the delay argument in code. I’m going to jump straight in and do it in NativeActivity ( without thinking about whether this is a good implementation...
  • Blog Post: NativeActivity - CacheMetadata for Fun and Profit

    [Cache. Profit. I guess I’m going on 50.] After reading Basic Activity Scheduling and starting to write subclasses of NativeActivity, you may start running into a bunch of really weird or downright incomprehensible error messages. Some samples to whet your appetite: Activity '1: CodeActivity1...
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