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  • Blog Post: Is IQueryable poisoning your interfaces?

    Thanks indirectly to a comment on my previous post, today I read ‘IQueryable is tight coupling’ (disclaimer: his words). I feel like it contains an interesting mixture of truth and panic, and makes a fine discussion topic. The main interesting truth he mentions is: nobody implements IQueryable fully...
  • Blog Post: Unit Testing DbContexts and queries – the status quo

    So here’s the scene. I’ve been working on unit testing for a solid day, my percent coverage is up, my code is better factored, and now I do my ‘what is the most untested class I have’ analysis one more time, and discover that it is… ‘BillingEntitiesContext’...
  • Blog Post: The Entity Framework Leaking

    'Fluent Interfaces' have been a bit of a buzz for probably long enough that I am not justified in buzzing about them. I was pretty excited when first seeing them applied to databases in form of NHibernate and also kind of excited to see all that code-first-ness come to Entity Framework, which had never...
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