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  • Blog Post: (WF4) Link - Using WF4 custom activities to consume OData

    Today I’m just advertising another MSDN blog that got circulated my way. This post may only going to make full sense if you’ve heard of OData already. If you’re heard of OData, and have been wondering what a good way to use it from workflow might be, I think you’ll find it good food for thought. http...
  • Blog Post: (WF4 - Link) For your reading pleasure – PeteGoo

    Today I stumbled upon another WF4 blog with some quality content, so here is my unsolicited and personal recommendation to - if you are thinking about the how-to-host aspects of WF4 - to take a few minutes gaining some insights on how and why WorkflowServiceHost can be a good building block for your...
  • Blog Post: Links and Pieces

    First, the 'Best Practices for creating Custom Activities' piece ( Part1 , Part2 ). Second,! ( This probably classifies as old news, but there is now a general team site on codeplex Cool!) So far, it features: (new) The WF Security Pack (endpoint...
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