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  • Blog Post: Struggling with unit tests (what happened next)

    This is going to be a fairly uninteresting and hard to follow post, but its here for the record, I’ll try to distill something better out of it. This was a sort of as-it-happened log of my initial attempt following on from my plan earlier today. [Also I fail at Live Writer, and I overwrote this...
  • Blog Post: Struggling with unit tests (again)

    I am having a mental hard time today because of unit tests. Not tests that fail... tests that don't exist. And tests I’m not sure that should exist. It is very natural, right, and highly necessary to test methods which do a non-trivial transformation of data. Here is an example: given a list of events...
  • Blog Post: Little Mysteries of the Day

    Here's a few random musings from a day of testing a few months ago. I was trying to test some workflow designer scenarios involving gac'ed custom assemblies. Q. Where is gacutil.exe? (Answer - It depends... it might not be anywhere at all) Q. Using the following code why do I not get anything...
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