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  • Blog Post: (WF4) Rolling your own Undo Units in Workflow Designer .net 4.0

    A long time go in a galaxy very, very close (so close it could be coincidental or indeed the same) I remember writing a couple things which touched upon Undo and Redo in workflow designer. Since someone invented hyperlinks, I should probably use this neat feature of the interwebs and point you at them...
  • Blog Post: Undoable Layout for the Freeform Canvas Activity Designer (Part 6)

    This is Part 6 of a series of posts on flowchart-like freeform layout activity designers, [ Part 1 – Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6 - Part 7 ] I’ve started varying the titles. In Parts 1-4 we began developing a freeform layout designer called CanvasDesigner . In Part 5, we found that it...
  • Blog Post: Some Gory Details of WorkflowDesigner Undo Redo

    (I've pulled this out from where it was embedded in one of my posts about implementing ICompositeView because it didn't really fit there and modified it but it’s still pretty badly researched.) A few gory implementation details for the Workflow Designer’s Undo/Redo features. There are a few classes in...
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