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  • Blog Post: Unit Testing DbContexts and queries – the status quo

    So here’s the scene. I’ve been working on unit testing for a solid day, my percent coverage is up, my code is better factored, and now I do my ‘what is the most untested class I have’ analysis one more time, and discover that it is… ‘BillingEntitiesContext’...
  • Blog Post: Reflections on unit tests (and more what happened next) and introducing ashmind and his Argument NuGet package

    Here are a few thoughts about the refactoring process from going through my initial unit testing iteration. Constructor Injection can make things look a lot more testable. But I think you want to be careful about jumping into this – don’t do it as the first step in refactoring. It’s probably better to...
  • Blog Post: Struggling with unit tests (again)

    I am having a mental hard time today because of unit tests. Not tests that fail... tests that don't exist. And tests I’m not sure that should exist. It is very natural, right, and highly necessary to test methods which do a non-trivial transformation of data. Here is an example: given a list of events...
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