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  • Blog Post: (WF4) Lesser Known WF Features: WorkflowDataContext

    Sometimes it happens that via the forums I learn about a new [to me] beast in the WF Zoo. Today that animal is WorkflowDataContext . The MSDN document is terse: “Represents the data context of the current workflow environment and provides a bridge to bring workflow arguments and variables...
  • Blog Post: Navigating the Workflow Tree (WF 4.0 Workflow Designer)

    People who who start interesting things in rehosted designer applications or just VS, will often find that they will want to navigate through the workflow tree, looking for activities, arguments, variables, and so on. There are a few facts it can be helpful to understand before you start your coding...
  • Blog Post: Argument, Variables, Assign and Let Activity

    Forum posts give me a lot of crazy ideas. This one might be a throwaway, but it’s the process of trying things out and exploring that triggers off yet more ideas. :-) Occasionally Workflow Foundation 4 developers feel bugged by the need for Variables. Or actually the ‘ceremony’ of using Variables...
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