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    MBF and WinFS

    My last post was in late June when I blogged on WinFS. At that point I hinted that there was a relationship between MBF and WinFS. Since then, my blog has gone dark. I'm sure this was very unsatisfying for anyone who has an interest in MBF. But hopefully...
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    Well, June is here so it must be time to make a post. Let's talk about... Hmmm... What should we talk about? Hmmm.... How about WinFS! You know WinFS... It's one of the three main pillars of Longhorn Client (Avalon, Indigo, and WinFS). Or maybe you...
  • The Unfrozen Caveman Engineer

    MBF Joins the Longhorn Wave

    Its been a busy month. We've been working furiously behind the scenes to sync up MBF with Longhorn. Our previous plan of record had MBF being released in two phases. The “business logic” portions of MBF were to release with Visual Studio 2005...
  • The Unfrozen Caveman Engineer

    Business Process Futures

    Two weeks without a post... sorry about that! I've been traveling all over the place collaborating with people on the architecture for MBF process \ workflow. I'm in a hurry so I may as well post about my recent work in the process world. We believe...
  • The Unfrozen Caveman Engineer

    Transaction Processing in an SOA World

    My previous post asserted: Don’t get me wrong… SOA doesn’t exist today. The current “state of the art” is exactly duct tape and bailing wire. But SOA <will> exist in the future, and when it does it will drive a tidal...
  • The Unfrozen Caveman Engineer

    Greetings from the Unfrozen Caveman Engineer!

    Welcome to my inaugural blog post. My name is Tim Brookins, and I'm an Architect in the Developer Division here at Microsoft. For those without context, the “Unfrozen Caveman” was a running Saturday Night Live skit about a decade ago. I...
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