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  • Blog Post: T4 Resources: UML, Code Generation, T4 in MS Build VS2010 and more from Oleg Sych

    Oleg has great resources around how to generate code and extend models using profiles in VS2010. He also discusses how to generate multiple output files using his T4 Toolbox and how to enable build integration for T4. That is indeed a must read for real software engineers. UML Modeling and Code Generation...
  • Blog Post: Generating a State Machine from VS2010 UML Diagrams

    Manuel shows a great way how to generate a state machine from the build-in class diagram in VS 2010 RTM using T4 Templates. I highly recommend reading his article here and get the UML Profile for State Diagrams for VS2010 and the T4 template from his blog. Manuel’s Article: http://halllo-welt.spaces...
  • Blog Post: Enterprise Apps in Windows Azure - Calling the Internet Service Bus (.NET Services from Azure)

    In the last days I implemented a typical enterprise cloud app on Windows Azure. WARNING: Beyond this step no Hello World scenarios! Watch your step! The scenario is based on the famous TimeTracker SL3 Sample which you can find in the Expression Gallery. It is a vendor management system where I can track...
  • Blog Post: Beta 2 von Microsoft .NET Framework freigegeben

    Microsoft hat das Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 soeben freigeben. Die Details zu den wichtigsten Funktion sowie den Download zu Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 findet man hier .
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