This is just broken, but  broken times call for broken measures.  I'm stuck on PSH V1 for reasons best left unmentioned (or maybe it's unmentionable reasons.)  To run remote commands, I don't have remoting at my disposal - I'm stuck with SysInternal's PSExec.exe.

As shown in Lee Holmes' blog,  you have to perform some hackosity to run a script remotely:

\\path\to\psexec.exe \\computerName cmd /c "echo . | powershell \\path\to\script.ps1"

This means you can't use PSExec.exe's -c option to copy the file over, so you have to manually copy the script over.

Here's my 'solution' (to use the term exceptionally loosely):

echo @"
@echo off && copy /y %~f0 %~f0.ps1 >NUL 2>&1
echo . | powershell -nologo -noprofile %~f0.ps1 %*
del /f /q %0.ps1 >NUL 2>&1 && exit /b 0
"@ | out-null;
$args = [Environment]::GetCommandLineArgs();
$scriptName = $args[3];
$args = $args[4..($args.Count - 1)];

"rest of script goes here"

Yeah.  Hack-n-slash scripting.