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  • Blog Post: Creating Local Users

    I’m helping some of our test teams more and more.  In one case, we need to create local users in bulk. I’m surprised PSH doesn’t have something for this.  function New-LocalUser { <# .syopsis Creates a local user account .parameter UserName Username of local user to be created...
  • Blog Post: Setting Cross-Forest Passwords

    In my test labs, some of the more specialized testing labs (perf, specifically) have one-way trust with the larger test domain.  This means I can set (or, in the case of some coworkers) reset credentials when they don’t log into the smaller domain frequently enough.  You can do it via dsa.msc...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell for Non-N00bs: Adding a User to a Group (with Script)

    Here's the one-liner: ([ ADSI ] "WinNT://$computerName/$localGroupName,group" ).Add( "WinNT://$domainName/$userName" ); But a script may be more useful for execution.
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