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  • Blog Post: Backing Up BitLocker Keys to OneDrive as a Scheduled Task

    While I can’t say I love Bitlocker, I do understand it as a requirement for any machine with corporate data.  That said, it seems quite capricious when the BitLocker gremlin decides to require the 48-digit recovery key.   I’ve taken to saving my recovery keys to OneDrive, so I can bring...
  • Blog Post: Backing Up BitLocker Recover Key (Strikes Again!)

    Here’s a one-liner for backing up the BitLocker Recovery Key for every drive attached to the machine: ZgB1AG4AYwB0AGkAbwBuACAAQgBhAGMAawB1AHAALQBCAGkAdABMAG8AYwBrAGUAcgBSAGUAYw… Followed by 9kb of more of the same.  It’s an EncodedCommand, so we can toss this into a scheduled task.  The actual...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell –EncodedCommand and Round-Trips

    PowerShell.exe accepts the –EncodedCommand parameter, which is a way to ‘wrap’ DOS-unfriendly command strings in such a way as to be safely passed into PSH for execution.  It’s a great feature.  However, it has a huge documentation hole.  Let’s see what PowerShell.exe /? has to say about...
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