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  • Blog Post: Finding Disk Hogs (i.e. Large Folders)

    “Disk full? It was only at 60% last week! Where did all the space go?” If you haven’t said this, then you probably won’t appreciate this post. It seems such a relatively simple task – give me a list of the biggest folders on the drive. Yes, C:\Windows (or wherever you’ve...
  • Blog Post: Getting Disk Usage

    No time to document it.  Had to throw something together, so here it is. function Get-DiskUsage { param ( [Parameter(ValueFromPipeline=$true)][string[]]$Path = (Get-Location).Path, [string]$CsvPath = "$env:TEMP\$($MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name) $($env:Computername) $(Get-Date -Format 'yyyy...
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