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  • Blog Post: Send-Keys

    Firstly, I am standing on the shoulders of giants.  As the comments below state, the essential first function, Set-WindowState, is only slightly modified from the original form at http://www.snip2code.com/Snippet/50118/Hide--Show--Minimize--Maximize--etc-wind/ Specifically, it now tests the current...
  • Blog Post: Querying WMI with a Timeout

    This is thanks to my coworker Keith Munson, who is at least as passionate and adept at PSH as I am:   function Get-WmiObjectWithTimeout {     <#     Credit to Keith Munson for this.     #>       param (        ...
  • Blog Post: Reinventing the Wheel: Get-WmiChildNamespace and Get-WmiChildPropertyData

    I love and hate WMI.  I love how it offers the ability to access so many parts of the OS that PowerShell has not (yet) exposed via cmdlet.  I hate how the taxonomy is so deep, how you need to know what you’re looking for to find it. Also, I’ve been having a hard time differentiating between...
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