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  • Blog Post: MSSQL Server Error Logs

    MSSQL Server error logs exist in the same folder that contains the installed server bits.  They’re text files.  Easy-as-pie to read, right? No. MSSQL is often installed on a dedicated drive.  You can’t assume it will be in C:\Program Files\.  Aaaaand, a give computer may host multiple...
  • Blog Post: HP Power Supplies

    HP servers have redundant power supplies.  SCOM will tell me which one is broken if it’s down, but in this case, I lost power to one side of the rack, and want to see if replacing the distribution unit fixed the issue.  Here’s a quick-and-dirty WMI wrapper to do that: function Get-HPPowerSupplyStatus...
  • Blog Post: Function Skeleton for Invoke-Command –AsJob

    PSRemoting jobs are quite amazing. While they are a little complicated to grasp at first, they’re quite powerful. However, with great power usually comes great responsibility. We know we can spawn a gazillion jobs, but how about managing them? How many do we have to do? What did they return, etc...
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