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  • Blog Post: Enums, Enums, Enums, a One-Liner

    Enums are short for Enumerations, which is a fancy way of saying, “map this [string] to that [int].”  They’re handy when you want to limit choices, such as ‘Continue’, ‘SilentlyContinue’, etc. In this case, I’m looking at the System.Net.NetworkInformation.OperationalStatus [enum]. How do I get the...
  • Blog Post: WMI-Less Network Adapters

    We can get a list of network adapters (calling them NICs is a bit outdated: the C in NIC stands for ‘card’, like it’s something you plug into an ISA or PCI slot.  These days, it’s almost always built in) from Get-WMI Win32_NetworkAdapter and Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration, but per http://msdn...
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