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  • Blog Post: Stupid Microsoft Word Trick: Boilerplate Text (Same Source Text, Multiple Instances)

    This one is a Word feature cursed by utterly non-intuitive names. The concept is simple: I want to have the same text repeated multiple times in a document. I can copy and paste them, but if I change it in one place, I need to find and update all the other instances. It would make sense that I can do...
  • Blog Post: Stupid Microsoft Word Trick: Multilevel Numbered Headings

    I don’t work with MS Word all the time, so I end up having to re-discover this trick each time. Firstly, this is nothing new. In fact, I’m basically cribbing the steps from here: http://wordknowhow.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/how-to-use-multilevel-numbered-headings-in-the-word/ The...
  • Blog Post: TechTips: Don't Recall, Delay (Your Email, That Is)

    Instead of saying 'oops' and sending out a recall request after re-reading the email and realizing I completely mis-read the intent (or other reasons behind office seppuku), I've told Outlook to queue my mail for a few minutes before sending. In Outlook 2007, Tools -> Options -> Mail Setup ...
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