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  • Blog Post: Importing Azure RDC Files into RDCMan.exe’s RDG

    This is really over-engineering.  Azure’s “connect” link sends you a .rdc file to download or open.  The registered handler for .rdc files is mstsc.exe, a.k.a. Remote Desktop Connection. The key line in the .rdc file is “Full Address:s:FQDN:PORT”.  The ‘s’ column in the colon-delimited...
  • Blog Post: Hotkeys and RDC Man

    There are days I seem to live on RDC Man.  One day, I might try setting my Shell= to RDCman.exe.  On a VM, of course. At any rate, there are times I need to switch back to the host machine.   While I would like to just see a ‘minimize RDC Man’ hotkey, I’ve had to make do with The...
  • Blog Post: Sanity-Checking RDG Files

    Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a must-have tool. However, it too easily falls out of date. Depending on your environment, you might be spinning up new machines regularly, especially if you’re in a virtualized environment. Here’s a quick way to see if your .RDG file and your AD server...
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