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  • Blog Post: Decrypting SecureStrings (Once More!)

    [PSCredentials] have some interesting methods. Chief among them, at least for today, is GetNetworkCredential() . Well, what’s so special about this? The returned object has the .Password property which is the plaintext of the password. I’ll say it again: $PsCredential.GetNetworkCredential().Password...
  • Blog Post: Setting Cross-Forest Passwords

    In my test labs, some of the more specialized testing labs (perf, specifically) have one-way trust with the larger test domain.  This means I can set (or, in the case of some coworkers) reset credentials when they don’t log into the smaller domain frequently enough.  You can do it via dsa.msc...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell One-Liner: Decrypt-SecureString

    Let's say you have a $secureString. If you don't have one handy, create one: PSH> $secureString = ConvertTo-SecureString -Force -AsPlainText "hello" Actually, we're breaking the system - SecureStrings aren't supposed to be created this way - they're supposed to be created like this: PSH>...
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