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  • Blog Post: Getting SRV Records with PowerShell

    PowerShell leverages .NET, and .NET exposes the System.Net.Dns class, so all should be happy, no?  Evidently not if it comes to SRV records.  Someone asked me how to do it, and I said, “That’s easy.  I’ll get back to you in a few.” A few hours later, I realized it wasn’t so easy. Get-NslookupSrvRecord...
  • Blog Post: Getting Version Data From Comment Based Help

    Disclaimer: There’s a lot of parse-by-prayer here. You Have Been Warned. Here’s the short form: I try to keep a change log of sorts in the comment-based help for my scripts. (I say try because that’s sadly the first thing to be omitted when I’m in a hurry. Code clarity is sadly...
  • Blog Post: Abbreviated Key Names in Synthetic Properties

    The title is almost longer than the post. From Chris Dent's http://www.indented.co.uk/index.php/2010/01/12/powershell-iis-and-log-settings/ , I see that he's generating synthetic properties with Select-Object -Property @{n = 'name'; e = { "this row's name" } } Notice anything? PSH allows the...
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