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Modelers vs. Lanuguage designers...

Modelers vs. Lanuguage designers...

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So, I have not blogged in some time. One of the reasons is that I have been so very busy in the office. We have some cool work going on in the Data Programmability team and hopefully we can share this with folks through various public forums this year.

Anyway, I was sitting down here this afternoon reading an article by one of my "heros" (stephen mellor) and a funny thought dawned on me. I sit in an office next to Brian Beckman who can be described as a brilliant Physics PHD who builds compilers before breakfast, he has been doing tons of really cool work with Erik Meijer of COmega and Haskell fame (I gues sthose should be reversed). A few halls across are guys who live and breathe SQL and have built relational engines and query processors for different vendors over the last 10 years... across the street are folks like Anders driving language innovation in C#. One of the things we are actively looking at is domain modeling and how we can help in this space... we have discussed domain models, meta models, domain specifc languages and the like. So, what was the funny thought that dawned on me? I find myself disagreeing with these very very bright guys a lot... clearly there is an easy answer there... these guys are language luminaries and me? well, I am just a PM with little credentials. Today I think I realized the difference though. These guys are language designers... I live and breathe models. I have come to the funny conclusion that these two perspectives are indeed different. I think in terms of domain abstractions these guys think in terms of language constructs.

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