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    Alex James is on point for the EF Design Blog

    Although we want all folks from the team to be able to post content as they saw fit on the EF Design Blog , we wanted someone on point to be the person who did actual care & feeding of it. Alex James , one of the PM's on the team is the person on...
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    New Wiki

    So,  I just threw up a new wiki to collect patterns and practices from the developer community that can help inform our understanding of real world developer scenarios. Where did this come from? ... I had a good thread with Scott Bellware where he...
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    To Lazy Load or not to Lazy load?

    I just exchanged email with Martin Fowler about the term Lazy load. The interpretation that we on the Entity Framework team had about Lazy Loading was that on a given query we would not "eagerly" load an entire graph (i.e. load a customer, their...
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    POCO Prototype Video...

    We just threw up a screencast on the EF design site to complement the POCO feature design notes. This was a prototype that Mirek (one of the developers on the team) has been doing around a full POCO enabled state manager. I am hoping that we can get early...
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    First Thing on the EF Design Blog

    We just pushed the first piece of content to the EF Design Blog . This one is a "Feature Design" posting about the POCO feature that we are working on for V2. Sometime today we hope to get a quick screen cast of a prototype up. We will actively...
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    Vote of No Confidence

    So, It's been a long, long time since I have posted anything on my blog. Reality is I tried to maintain a blog where I thought I could come up with wonderfully profound things to share with the world but clearly that was not the case. Having said that...
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