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New Wiki

New Wiki

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I just threw up a new wiki to collect patterns and practices from the developer community that can help inform our understanding of real world developer scenarios.

Where did this come from? ... I had a good thread with Scott Bellware where he was providing some feedback on his perspective. A bunch of us on the team also exchanged some mail with Greg Young about the POCO feature that we pushed out on the EF design blog. After these conversations I was wondering how we could catalog a bunch of the concepts that we were discussing. The concepts were really reflective of the ways that people applied practices like DDD and TDD in the real world today. Sure, we could continue to read books, blogs and such and engage with customers in the way that we have. We could also start thinking about other ways to engage with the community in different ways.

Why not just mine other sites? ... well we could, I figured it would be an interesting exercise to create a more directed, intentional aggregation of patterns and scenarios specifically targeting how developers want to interact with data and how this surfaces in the ways that they build apps. I would love people to share thinking around how they build data access layers, how they define domain models, how they test, how they expose data services and provide solutions for things like data aggregation, synchronization and offline scenarios.

I have invited a number of folks to come in and start contributing, hopefully they shall. I would love all interested folks to come on by.

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  • Hi,

    I would like to be able to post some comments/questions on the wiki, but, I am denied permission.

    I have experience as a developer/architect using a commercially available ORM.


    Bruce Pearson


  • How to create List of items on wiki page with andex bar?

  • How to create List of items on wiki page with andex bar?

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