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Alex James is on point for the EF Design Blog

Alex James is on point for the EF Design Blog

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Although we want all folks from the team to be able to post content as they saw fit on the EF Design Blog, we wanted someone on point to be the person who did actual care & feeding of it. Alex James, one of the PM's on the team is the person on point. Alex just posted a 1-pager on computed properties on the design blog.

The computed properties post is an interesting post because it is an example of some of the non-ORM'ish work that we are doing in V2. Funny thing was that we have this somewhat schizophrenic being. On the one hand we solve a number of ORM scenarios - to be fair, we are largely about solving ORM-like scenarios today. On the other hand, however, we are really trying to build something different. In the fullness of time we are trying to align the conceptual models and infrastructure that a lot of the data services (Reporting & Analytics, Sync, ETL...) use.

Suspend the perspective of today for a second, ignore the debates on reuse of models or applicability of an apps OLTP model for decision support. Here is the thing, if Microsoft can provide a single representation for these services with common tooling and integration then we provide a better developer platform. Sometimes we get caught up in the technology snapshot of today and it is hard to see the forest through the trees. Sometimes we have to go out on a limb and say this is not something we can do in just one release, it requires the laying of a foundation and then alignment across multiple teams and release cycles to provide the real value. I am really excited that we have the first part of the foundation down. I have been on this team for almost 4 years now and it is great to see where we have come and how our partnerships internally are starting to round out the overall platform vision. As mentioned in previous posts, we are working to round out the rest of the foundation plus work on the core developer (ORM, N-Tier...) scenarios and we should be putting out more pieces on the design blog as we progress. Look for more posts from Alex and the team in the weeks/months to come.

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