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The Great Entity Smack down

The Great Entity Smack down

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There is a wonderful debate going on right now on the entities wiki. You need only read some of the comments on the front page to see that different people are sharing their perspectives on application architecture, methodologies and patterns.

For a couple weeks now I have been stewing over a wacky idea that I think the time is right for. I would like to propose that we should create "The Great Entity Smack Down". My thought is that we could go get a bunch of folks that represent different perspectives in the community in a public forum. We put together a fictitious development project (oh let's say pet shop for grins) and we get representatives of different camps to discuss/debate how they would approach the project.

I am going to shake the trees here in Redmond to see if we can host the event. I would love to start a discussion on what people think of the idea, what groups should be represented, what the format should be and how we go about doing it. I think hosting it in front of a .NET user group and advertising it fairly broadly to different communities would be an interesting venue.

Chime in... provide some ideas... let's get it on.

Tim M

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  • Tim,

    If you want to use the standard Department/Professor/Student or StaffPerson/Course/Section/Grade model, I'll donate the OakLeafU database that I've used for a variety of projects, including a book or two.

    It has one relation table with a structure that will drive devs nuts.


  • @Roger

    Thanks Roger.

    We are still tweaking the format.

    If we end up with a single app I will sync up with you.

    Tim M

  • I disagree on the debate, its largely unfocused and isn't going anywhere interesting.

    I'm also not sure a smack-down is a good idea, we're talking about serious complex issues here and I'm not sure what such a meeting would achieve.

    To be honest though I'm still not clear on what EF is trying to offer us, compared to NHibernate/L2S or another existing solution.

  • Very interesting idea!

    I have just the idea, you could host this type event at the free event - TulsaTechFest 2008 - Thu, Oct 9th and Fri, Oct 10th.

    Tulsa is right in the middle of the country. Easy to get to from anywhere in the US. Our first year we had folks come up from Columbia, Brazil!

    It's just far enough out to give you enough time to put it together and the facilities, food, etc. will already be taken care of.

    Just an idea.


    David Walker

    Chairman, TulsaTechFest

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