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3 years...

3 years...

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3 Years... that's right, three years since I posted on this blog.

Wow, talk about not having much to talk about. Well... I am pretty excited about the stuff we are doing now and am eager to start talking about it. I have been chomping at the bit for months to be able to start blogging about our stuff.


Want to know what I am talking about? check out Data Explorer. We have been working on this for about 14 months now, we are finally able to start talking about it publicly.


Stay tuned and I will start posting a bit about our history and write up some samples so people can see the stuff in action


Tim M

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  • Hey Tim.  Did you use to go to school in Barbados?

  • If you are from the caribbean and went to Mapps, I have been trying to reach you.  Please email me at jimtyme@hotmail.com

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