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Early walkthrough of the Montego client

Early walkthrough of the Montego client

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Earlier this year (when we were still the Montego Project... i.e. before we become Microsoft Codename Data Explorer) we started with building out a client experience over our runtime.

We still have both the client and the cloud service but we only showed the cloud bits at PASS last week. The following video is a video that we cut of the client bits in March of this year.

Note that some names and concepts have evolved quite a bit since March. Additionally the UX continues to evolve and is currently very different to what is in this video.

I will post some walkthroughs of the new bits over the upcoming weeks.

Montego Demo from Timothy Mallalieu on Vimeo.

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  • Brilliant  project.

    Soon, we will be having Excel BI consultants in the market. Excel, PowerPivot, DataExplorer and etc. But, glad to see all these new things in it.

    But, one question. will this replace PowerPivot data modeling feature?




  • @Ayyappan

    This will not replace PowerPivot Data Modeling.

    This should be a good on-ramp for PowerPivot. In cases where you want to do analytics and it is natural to pull all of your data into PowerPivot that is the right thing to do. There are times when you want to do the transformation outside of PowerPivot... either for re-use or for data locality, or usage and size constraints.

    The Client and Cloud experience here will be more for building mashups external to any given tool (PowerPivot, Excel, Access, Visual Studio, Tableau, Esri...) and then you can re-use the mashups in these tools. We are working on really cool integration with PowerPivot and PowerView (formerly Crescent) for next year that should make the overall Self-Service data management and BI story much more compelling.

  • Great Project.

    It seems like a Data flow task of SSIS to Excel. But much simpler.

    Can't wait to tring it.

    Best regards,

    Steven Wang

  • @Steven.... we originally thinking of ourselves as Self-Service ETL. As we talked to more folks and started partnering with other teams we realized that would be an area that we can add value but that there were more opportunities emerging.

  • Very nice Timothy.  We currently use Excel as a UI frontend for our Machine Learning, predictive analytics tools.  One question I have - will Montego be extensible (with an API) so we can offer our own library of transformations that we can apply to the data compositions?

  • Excellent Tim. In my view this has some rather profound implications for predictive analytics in general, which have expanded upon a little here:


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