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September, 2006

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About Tim Ng

I'm from Toronto, Ontario - graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2003, and have been working at Microsoft since then. I interned twice on the Visual Studio for Devices team, and started my full time job there as well. I also worked on the VS Core team briefly, before joining on the VB team, where I am now.

On the Device team, I worked on the native debugger; specifically, I worked on the expression evaluation piece (if you interact with the debugger by inspecting values and changing values, you interact with the expression evaluator). I also worked on some of the high-level communication between the debugger and the device, as well as some other random tasks.

On the Visual Basic team now, I work on the compiler team. We are focused mainly on LINQ, but we are also working on other things such as improving performance and stability of the compiler.

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    COM, Re-entrancy, and Message Pumping

    Disclaimer: I hesitated posting this because this is a topic that is extremely complicated and deep, and like I point out in the article, lots of smart people have talked about some aspect of this problem, but I thought that I would share our specific...
  • Tim Ng

    My trip to Dayton, Ohio

    Some thoughts after spending a week in Dayton/Cincinnati. I will most likely be back to visit Joyce again, so thanks to rodtrent and ajoyk for some comments! It definitely wasn't as bad as when I first got here and was shocked :) In fact, it was actually...
  • Tim Ng

    RubyCLR and Visual Basic - part 2 (delicious project)

    Last time, I showed how to connect a Ruby class to a VB class using RubyCLR bi-directionally. This time, we use Ruby to connect to a VB form and display data in .NET. We'll also write our event handlers in Ruby, just for kicks. I've attached a zip file...
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