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  • Blog Post: MSDN TV on WPF Performance

    My colleague Henry Hahn & I have recorded a primer on WPF performance for all to see. Available on MSDN TV as of yesterday, we discuss the approaches that we take when optimizing WPF applications. Make sure and check us out !
  • Blog Post: WPF Graphics Performance Q & A - Some explanations about WPF graphics architecture & overhead

    I’ve been getting a lot of the same performance questions over the last few months regarding the WPF graphics model, so I thought I’d post some responses for everyone to see. This should shed some light on what WPF does and doesn’t offer in terms of fast vector graphics. It's likely that I'm going...
  • Blog Post: Want good performance? Start your own performance culture

    Recently I’ve been reading up on Rico Mariani’s blog . What a gem! One especially profound article he’s posted talks about the challenges in promoting good performance culture. First-rate performance doesn’t happen by accident. Like having a solid feature set, it must be deliberate. This applies whether...
  • Blog Post: What does WPF hardware acceleration get you?

    Pablo posted a great article over on his blog describing what a hardware-accelerated WPF means to your app. There's also a interesting overview of the various places you can hook into the WPF stack.
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