ASP.NET Mobile Device Update 3 Released

ASP.NET Mobile Device Update 3 Released

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ASP.NET Mobile Device Update 3 has just quietly snuck out of the door, supporting both .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1. This is one of those great sleeper releases that nobody notices for ages; it's therefore one of the most underrated aspects of .NET. In the Microsoft world prior to ASP.NET, you had very few choices if you wanted to build a website that targeted multiple different devices. This latest update now supports a total of 236 unique mobile devices, so ASP.NET suddenly becomes a powerful mobile platform.

The latest release of Exchange now shares the same technology for supporting mobile devices, so in the future every time you install one of these updates, you extend the Exchange support to a new batch of recently released phones and portable browsers - cool!

My good friend Andy Wigley has recently updated his Microsoft Press book on the subject, so get hold of it if you're interested in more detail on the subject.

  • I was dreaming of downloading the .NET Compact Framework Device Update (any codenames yet?!) with the same level of device support some day :)
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