Last week was a quiet week on the blogging front, mainly because there was so much going on elsewhere. In particular, our team held our semi-annual UK developer briefing on Friday, which was the culmination of many weeks' effort. We had over 500 people attend to hear sessions covering Yukon and Whidbey, with a keynote also looking forward towards Longhorn. We revisited some of the highlights of the PDC, and it was great to be able to share some of the excitement of that conference with our own developer community.

I've been spending a lot of time focusing on Yukon lately, as my blog entries suggest; but it's only when you start preparing to deliver a comprehensive session on the subject that you realise how much (or little, in my case!) you know. I was pretty happy with how things turned out, anyway - most of the demos ran pretty smoothly, apart from one slightly horrifying moment when I missed an attribute off a method declaration, causing the demo to throw an error I wasn't expecting!

I'll post a few blog entries over the next couple of days that explore some of the topics we touched on in greater depth.