UK .NET Bloggers

UK .NET Bloggers

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A list of .NET-related blogs written by UK authors. You can download this list in OPML format for use in your favourite RSS aggregator.

  • Well Tim Ireland is not so far if you want to include my blog ;-)
  • Ooh...I'm in a list...
  • I'm a .NET Compact Framework MVP and technologist at Content Master Ltd.
  • Paschal, France isn't too far away either, but I'm afraid this is staying UK-only - sorry!

    Neil, thanks for your entry - thought there must be someone at CM who blogged. Added and subscribed!
  • You can add me
  • Done
  • From a brief scan of my list, I'd also include:

    Mehran Nikoo - SOA, OO and Enterprise Architecture

    Jamie Cansdale - Inventor of the NUnitAddin, Test Driven Development etc
  • Thanks Benjamin: I knew you'd come up with one or two that I'd missed :-)
  • I have been known to blog about .NET, though it seems to be more questions that answers ;)
  • Thanks Derek - you're in!
  • My blog's not exclusively .NET, but it's going in that direction. Also, I think Adam Field ( is UK-based as well...
  • Yup - added you both. Thanks!
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