UK .NET Bloggers

UK .NET Bloggers

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It would be great to build a community of British-based bloggers who are writing about .NET and related technology. So I've started the ball rolling by creating a list of all the bloggers known to me who fall into that category.

So - who am I missing?

  • hmmm...Me :)
  • Thanks Andrew. You're added.
  • Include me Tim.

  • Fantastic - welcome on board Mike!
  • mmmm what's ghappen to my comment Tim ?

    I'm Irish but I can be on this list isn't it ? Cromwell is dead long time ago or not ;-)
  • Paschal, your original comment was posted against the article rather than the blog (it's here:

    The only criteria to be on this list is to be based in the United Kingdom and write about .NET. It doesn't matter where you're from, but since Ireland (Eire) is a sovereign country in its own right, I didn't think it was right to include it in a UK list. If you're Irish but based in the UK, you're in; if you're British but based in the Republic of Ireland, you're out. Hope that makes sense.

    (One thing I'm thinking of using this list for is to arrange blogger dinners as per the recent Don Box visit, for instance, so some rough regional proximity is important).

    Incidentally, Gavin Joyce is maintaining a list of Ireland-based bloggers...

    I hope I haven't caused any offence - I was trying to be completely politically neutral with this: looks like I've failed :-)
  • XML-RPC.NET, etc. W Yorks + work in W London 50% of time
  • Thanks Charles - this exercise has been so worthwhile. I've doubled my reading list :-) Added and subscribed.
  • Hi Tim,

    I write about .NET on my blog sometimes, I'm in the UK as well. Admittedly I've only written two articles on .NET (so far) but one is a download for a basal Matrix screensaver in .NET 1.1 which runs quite nicely under a partially trusted context.

    Gary Brewer
  • Thanks Gary - you're now on the list!
  • Tim,

    I'm based in London and write about .NET on my blog from time to time. I'm also an avid reader of your blog!
  • James, thank you for that! You bring the total number of UK .NET bloggers I've found to 41, which is good - but there must be more of you out there still!
  • As a budding .NET developer I subscribe to a lot of blogs on the subject, so can see the interest people might have in area specific lists. Unfortunately being in a small country like the Rep. of Ireland (pop. 4m), there isn't a .NET specific users group here. are registered with INETA, however, they are platform/language independent. Posts of this nature interest me because only last week I was in contact with IrishDev about their .NET focus.

    There is a tendency among people from small countries who wish to participate further to look to their nearest and biggest neighbour with the scale and necessary resources, etc. So Tim, I was a bit disappointed to see you turn down Paschal's request but I see your reasoning, I think. Do people based in Northern Ireland meet your criteria for the UK blog list?

    Anyway I welcome Gavin's efforts in creating what I feel will be a very small Irish list, well, small for the time being anyway.
  • I'm in sunny Hampshire, and I even sometimes remember to mention .NET.
  • Time Sneath is building a list of UK .net bloggers.&nbsp
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