I'm Leaving Microsoft...

I'm Leaving Microsoft...

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This job has been the most enjoyable I've had in my professional career so far, but after four years of great fun, working with some great people and learning a huge amount, I've reluctantly decided it's time for a new challenge. I've therefore handed in my notice here at Microsoft Limited in the UK and am heading off for pastures new. I shall miss the MSDN Roadshows, the ISV labs, and just generally being part of the UK development community: I've learnt far more from many of you than I was ever able to impart, and shall have many happy memories.

The bad news for those of you hoping to see the back of me for good is that I'm leaving Microsoft in the UK, only to join the mothership: Microsoft Corporation, over in "rainy" Redmond. I've taken up a job working in the Longhorn Client Evangelism team working on WinFX and Longhorn, as well as the PDC. It's a huge move, as you can imagine - packing up or selling all our belongings, saying goodbye to much-loved friends and family, leaving almost everything we know behind for the western frontiers. But the job itself is a fantastic opportunity and I'm really relishing the chance to work on some emerging technologies that I think will create the most exciting developer opportunities since at least the launch of .NET 1.0.

My last day with Microsoft UK is the 7th October, and I start in Redmond the week after. I'll continue blogging of course, but you'll see gradually fewer topics on Yukon and gradually more topics on WinFX and Longhorn. I look forward to keeping in touch with many of you, nevertheless: I'm on IM and email as tims@microsoft.com and that will continue in my new role.

Thank you again for all the fun, and see you at the next PDC!

  • Tim, I wish you all the best in Redmond!
  • Congratulations Tim! All the best with your new position...
  • Hello Tim,

    You were probably the first MSFT in .NET I ever met at one of the roadshows. It is ashame to see you go to the USA. Good luck over there.

  • MSFT UK's Tim S is off to new pastures
  • Good luck! Hope you continue your blog..
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